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👋 Welcome!

You’ve probably found Bitloops because you are keen on writing code and developing software in a way that makes it easy for colleagues (current and future) to easily understand what you’ve built and quickly start contributing to your code base.

In addition, you want your future self to easily understand how & why a service was designed a certain way, be able to refactor it, and quickly add new features or products to your application.

Well, you’re definitely at the right place! Bitloops’ goal is precisely to ensure that software development teams maintain high levels of productivity throughout the entire lifecycle of their project by ensuring code is readable, maintainable and flexible. Our documentation is still a work in progress, but there are many valuable insights and loads of information regarding how Bitloops works and why it will help you build better software.


🔑 Why you should use Bitloops

Software development is a craft that requires combining knowledge, expertise and creativity in building digital solutions to a particular problem.

However, as with most crafts you need time to build up that experience, be exposed to many different situations and continuously learn about software design and development principles that improve system quality, maintainability and flexibility.

Nothing can substitute experience, however, it's the quality of the experience (practice) that ultimately determines the success. They say practice makes perfect, but that’s only if you practise correctly!

Bitloops has been built taking into consideration industry best practices for software design and development such as domain-driven design, behaviour driven development, test-driven development, hexagonal / layered architecture and many well-known methodologies such as event-storming, Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS), separation of concerns and event sourcing.

We have built Bitloops to empower developers to build high-quality and well designed software, in a faster and easier way. With Bitloops, developers not only build great applications, but they improve their knowledge and understanding of these best practices and methodologies whilst implementing them, becoming better software engineers in the process.


🎁 What's in the current release?

The current release is mostly focused on the Bitloops Language, its syntax and ease of use.

With this release, developers will be able to understand how the Bitloops language structures code and encourage developers to think about their domain problem in such a way that allows them to code it with Bitloops in a more readable and flexible way.

The Bitloops Language is open-source, so if you do encounter any issue or limitation, feel free to add feedback on our GitHub page, or contribute to any outstanding issues.


What's next?

As a next step, we recommend one of 2 choices:

💡 Get an idea of what Bitloops has to offer through this Bitloops @ a Glance

🛠️ Run the Quick Start example to learn how Bitloops works in practice