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Getting Help

The Bitloops team is eager to provide as much support as possible to all our users. Therefore, we have created many options from which you can choose to obtain help using Bitloops Language

🗺 Community

We have a Discord server for live discussion with the Bitloops team as well as the broader community of developers using Bitloops. Feel free to join our server, introduce yourself and learn/contribute to better software!

💬 Forum

GitHub has several great features, one of which is Discussions which is a community forum for deeper conversations about features, connectors, or problems. Feel free to ask and/or answer any questions. This is also an opportunity to share updates and have open-ended conversations about Bitloops and your Bitloops project.

🙌 Contributions

As an open source programming language, we are keen on obtaining contribution from the community. Go to our GitHub and find issues you may want to solve or contribute to. Don't forget to inform us that you'd like to participate through the Issues tab.

This is also where you can report issue or bugs you may encounter whilst using Bitloops Language. We only ask you follow the provided templates

📯 Demonstrations

The Bitloops team wants to help as much as possible, so we also provide you with the ability to book a One-to-One Discussion with someone from the Bitloops team who will be able to provide you with a live and informal 30-minute video session.

In this session we can help you understand Bitloops Language better, or even help you solve a particular problem you may be facing. You will be speaking directly with a Bitloops Software Engineer!

📚 Documentation

Well, if you're reading this, then you found the Bitloops Documentation.

We know there should be more documentation, but bear with us, the team is still small. However, if you're keen on contributing, we would love some help with documentation, examples or tutorials! Let us know if you're interested via discord or directly via email!

📧 Email

Sometimes the easiest is a simple email. Feel free to email any one of the founding team members:

  • vasilis [at]
  • sergio [at]
  • antonis [at]
  • elli [at]
  • giorgos [at]