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Bitloops is a next-generation open-source software development platform.
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Software development platform

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PaaS and Deployment platform

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IT Governance


What is the Bitloops Platform?

Bitloops is a platform that allows developers to write well-designed software, easily modify system architectures, deploy applications to production and manage changes, new features / products with ease. It empowers teams to innovate rapidly and expand product / business without sacrificing product simplicity, maintainability or extendability.

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Software development platform

Bitloops is a next-generation platform for software developers that makes building well-designed software using best practices and methodologies such as DDD, BDD, TDD, Hexagonal Architecture, Clean Architecture, Ports & Adapters, CQRS, Event Sourcing etc. easier than ever. Suitable for both new projects or for extending legacy systems.

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PaaS and Deployment platform

Access authentication, databases, realtime notifications, storage as well as integrated tools & automation services that ensure modern, enterprise-grade, cloud-native applications that are manageable, resilient and built to scale.

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IT Governance

Bitloops provides IT leaders with the ability to manage team, collaboration and access with ease. There is no creative limitation with Bitloops, but there are development processes that ensure fast, secure and confident innovation.

Bitloops Platform allows developers to focus on their users and behaviors - ultimately the single most critical aspect of any application.

Programming language that focuses on your business logic:

  • Test & business models are 1st class citizens using Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)
  • Reduced need for boiler plate code
  • Maximizes collaboration between business and engineering
  • Business logic abstraction
  • High-performance, data-centric, cloud-native services APIs
  • Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) / Test-Driven Development (TDD) capabilities, effective debugging & error-handling
  • Google Docs-like experience
  • Business requirements alignment (single source of truth)
  • Dev platform for your PM (controlled access)
  • CI/CD with abstracted business layer
  • Scale horizontally automatically as required
  • Environment management and version control
  • System-wide performance monitoring platform
  • SLA definition, anomaly detection & alerts
  • Automatic service discovery and application dependency mapping
Why are we
building Bitloops?
Simplify best software development practicesicon
Simplify best software development practices
Learning and implementing DDD, TDD, BDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing etc. is hard, but it doesn’t have to be.
High quality software designicon
High quality software design
All software projects should start with the most appropriate software design & architecture possible.
Say bye bye, technical debt!icon
Say bye bye, technical debt!
Nobody wants technical debt, but it still happens. Bitloops creates the conditions to minimize technical debt.
Continuous delivery & deploymenticon
Continuous delivery & deployment
Simplify deployment activities through a platform that provides out-of-the box CI/CD services & customization.

Build software better, faster with Bitloops

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Better code & architecture

Build applications with domain expertise
and the user in mind.
Become the best software engineer you can be.

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Accelerated Development

Develop applications and features faster without compromising on quality or building technical debt.

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More productivity less churn

Build enterprise-scale cloud native services that developers enjoy building, maintaining and improving.

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Eliminate repetitive DevOps

Bitloops manages the overhead & challenges of maintaining infrastructure & databases.

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Scalable @ acceptable cost

All platforms claim they're scalable, but can you do it cost effectively?
On Bitloops you can!

Develop applications with the quality that would require a much larger team and scale cost effectively on the cloud.