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Coding is easy. Building great software is hard! Until now.
Bitloops is ideal for teams of 5-1000 developers, & solo developer benefit too.

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Bitloops is a next-generation open-source software development platform.
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Backend development platform

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High-performance custom code

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Deploy to Production with a click


Bitloops is a low-code backend development platform that boosts developer productivity 10x! The power of code & the speed of low-code!

Design & Build

Development Platform

Custom & Low Code Development Platform

  • Write code for maximum flexibility and customization
  • Low-code user interface
  • Inherent software design & architecture principles
  • Business logic & rules abstraction
  • Use Case and Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) features
  • Built-in Test-Driven Development (TDD) capabilities
  • Effective debugging & error-handling

Programming (Bitloops) language

  • Intuitive (TypeScript syntax) opinionated OO language
  • Business models & rules are 1st class citizens
  • Designed around hexagonal architecture
  • Domain-driven design (DDD) inspired classes
  • Auto boilerplate code generation
  • Transpiles to TypeScript (no vendor lockin)
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Collaborate & Integrate

Team Working Together


  • Google Docs-like experience
  • Source of truth for business requirements
  • Detailed governance & access capabilities
  • User story and behaviors definition
  • Effective onboarding and “on-the-job” training


  • Access databases such as MongoDB, Postgres & more
  • Easily import TypeScript libraries and packages
  • Integrate your Bitloops app to 3rd party systems
  • Connect legacy systems and extend services
  • File storage, authentication, hosting without vendor lock-in
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Launch, Monitor & Grow

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  • Environment Management & version control
  • Bitloops Cloud to deploy to production
  • Bitloops App = Well-structured TypeScript code
  • No vendor lock-in so deploy to GCP, AWS, Azure or own server
  • Build a CI/CD pipeline with abstracted business layer
  • Scale horizontally automatically as required
  • Switch between modular monolith or microservices architecture

Extend & Optimize

  • Improve and optimize services based on performance
  • Define SLAs for anomaly detection & alerts
  • Automatic service discovery & application dependency mapping
  • Built-in secrets management and distributed tracing
  • Easy to configure logging, analytics and other metrics
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Why Bitloops?


Focus on what is important, create more value quicker, and delight your users.

Velocity & Acceleration

Build software that is easy to understand and change, even when it gets large and complex.

No vendor lock-in

Software built on Bitloops is based on open source technologies giving you ultimate freedom.

Starting a Project? Bitloops has what you need!

All the required tools and services you require to quickly build & deploy a backend.

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Build a database of your choice: Postgres, MongoDB with a few clicks. CRUD functions built-in.

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Auth & Users

Use the built-in Auth service to authenticate, authorize and manage users using multiple sign methods.

Code & APIs icon

Code & APIs

Write well-structured & extendable custom code and benefit from the speed of low-code UI.

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Cloud deployment

Manage environments and deploy your app to own or hosted cloud.

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Pub/sub services to listen and broadcast realtime changes.

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Manage application and user storage for files, images and videos.

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With enterprise-grade features when you need it!

Well structured, large scale applications require additional support.

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Manage development teams' access rights across software system.

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Track and monitor your backend to optimize and manage resources.

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Object level security

End-to-end security & granular condition data management.

Data caching icon

Data caching

Store frequently accessed data in specific layer to boost performance.

Rate limiting icon

Rate limiting

Manage malicious activity through API rate limits to manage consumption.

Message queues icon

Message queues

Build asynchronous processing for faster responses.

Design principles icon

Design principles

Take advantage of software principles like CQRS, Event Sourcing to better manage complexity.

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Built-in UI for definition of behaviours and user stories, as well as tests that guide software development.

Abstraction = Collaboration icon

Abstraction = Collaboration

Onboard non-developers into the product development process with a UI fit for software development collaboration.