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Value Objects are objects that have no conceptual identity and describe some characteristics of a thing. They are defined only by their properties and their equality is not based on identity.


Declaring a ValueObject
ValueObject TitleVO {
constructor(props: TitleProps): (OK(TitleVO), Errors(DomainErrors.TitleOutOfBoundsError)) {
Using a ValueObject
const title = TitleVO({ title: requestDTO.title });


Declaring a Value Object
ValueObject <identifier name with a VO suffix> {

//constant variable declarations
const <identifier> : <type> = <expression>;

// constructor declaration, here we define whatever needs specific handling during the creation of the value object and
//we use applyRules to ensure its validation. By default automatic getters are generated.
constructor(<props of the ValueObject>) : (OK(<type>), Errors(<DomainErrorIdentifier> '|' <DomainErrorIdentifier>...)) {

// private method declaration
<[optional] private> <method identifier> (<arg, arg...>): <type> {

Creating a Value Object
<name of Value Object>(<props>);

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