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The RepoAdapter component is a tool which helps to declare the actual concretion of the RepoPort, in order to plug in different databases easily. Its name and functionality is inspired by the Repository Pattern. More information not available yet!


Not available yet! 


The CRUDRepoAdapter is a RepoAdapter which utilizes the CRUDRepoPort.


 RepoAdapters.Mongo concretes [Demo][Hello World]MyHelloRepoPort;

In order to utilize the RepoAdapter the declaration above is needed:

RepoAdapters.Mongo: Here the actual database of the concretion is declared from the available system databases.

concretes: A reserved word to attach a spesific port to the RepoAdapter.

[Demo][Hello World]MyHelloRepoPort: Here the specific RepoPort is declared in order to attach it to the specific concretion. [Demo] represents the bounded context where the specific port is declared. [Hello World] is the specific module where is the specific RepoPort declaration is located, followed by the MyHelloRepoPort which is the exact name of the RepoPortwhich have been declared.

After the declaration the system creates actual implementation of the adapter using mongoDB, under the hood.


For example in order to create a concretion with mongoDB for the example dicussed at the RepoPort (for the CRUDRepoPort), the concretion declaration would be something like this:

 RepoAdapters.Mongo concretes [Sales][CarSelling]CarRepoPort;